How to Design Your Winter Wedding Invitations

Take note that your wedding invitations will give the initial impression of your wedding. So if you are going to have a winter wedding, you also need winter wedding invitations. To start with, you should use colors like white, silver, gray, and dark blue. Of course, you should not limit yourself either. You can use other colors as long as the effect is the same. You can be as creative as long as you know how to balance the hues and the contrasts.


Choosing the Fonts

Some fonts just have a wintry feel. Two of these are the calligraphy and the spidery fonts. Together with wintry flavor created by the color that you use in the invitations you can create a whole new look for your winter wedding invitations. You will be able to come up with the winter wedding invitations that will give you the best representation of the kind of wedding you plan to have.

On the other hand, be careful too when choosing the fonts. There are fonts that are too hard to read. Your winter wedding invitations would be useless no matter how beautiful they are if they cannot be read. Of course, choose the font colors and the font size that can easily be read as well.

How to Put a Wintry Flavor and the Other Decors

Again the decors would bring the wintry effect to the whole winter wedding invitations. Before invited guests read the invitation, they would see the decorations right away.  So it’s important that you make the right impression. The image of snow and ice are important to the overall look. You can also add stylish snowflake or crystal decals to your winter wedding invitations. The image of leaves can also be effective in giving your winter wedding invitations the right wintry feel.

With the combination of the right decors, fonts and card paper, you will surely have the winter wedding invitations that best represents you and your wedding.

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