Winter Wedding Ideas


If you are having a hard time coming up with some winter wedding ideas don’t worry.

Although weddings are usually held in the warm, sunny summer, winter is perfect for those who want something different.


Winter wedding dress


winter wedding dress

One of the most important decisions a bride must make for her wedding is choosing the perfect wedding dress. For a winter wedding, colors such as white and silver are the top picks for wedding dresses. If you prefer to celebrate the Christmas season, you should choose a wedding gown in deep red or gold, but be careful not to look like a Christmas ornament!

Practical choices are dresses with shrugs or shawls, and coats with interesting design for the grooms. This is also great for couples who would like their photos to be taken outdoors. Jewelry should match the icy, cold season. Choose diamonds for yourself and perhaps semi-precious crystals for your bridesmaids.

Wedding flowers and bouquet

Whichever theme color you prefer, whether it is white, silver, or the traditional Christmas colors, there are many types of flowers you could choose. Your florist should be able to advise you on in season flowers that will definitely cost cheaper. Flowers like white roses and lilies are a fine choice. Match them with baby blue eucalyptus or dusty miller.

Those who prefer more colors should consider mixing whites with reds and greens, such as white and red roses with green pine-tree leaves.

Winter Wedding Venue

Just Married in winter

Just Married in winter

If you are sure that there will be snow on your wedding day, you should pick a venue with large windows. Your guests will appreciate the beautiful view of falling snow on your magical wedding. Choose a venue that has a fireplace for that special touch.

For a larger wedding, you could choose a historical mansion or a large hall with adequate heat to keep you guests warm. Find out the colors and types of decorations used at the venue. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money since they will be decorated for the season. Since winter is considered off-wedding season, rentals for popular wedding venues are usually offered at a low price.


You could serve eggnog, wine and even hot cocoa drinks at your wedding. If you fancy, consider serving spicy, hot dishes along with typical winter signature dishes such as warm soups and game.

For your wedding cake, choose an all-white cake with silver or gold decorations such as snowflake patterns. Additional items such as mini Christmas trees, snowmen or a fancy snow globe on top of your cake should add to the Christmas feel.

Wedding decorations

Depending on your preference, your winter wedding decorations could be either simple and elegant, or rich and elaborate. Those who favor simple and elegant decors should pick simple ideas like floating tea-light candles in a bowl of water filled with red wild berries as a table centerpiece.

Prior to the wedding, you could also pick pine cones, arrange them around small pine branches that are tied together and this will be a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece. You can also get strands of small white lights from after Christmas sales where they are being sold at cheaper price. Hang them along hallways and around your wedding arch for that elegant look.

Wedding favors

Winter wedding favors should not be too expensive or difficult to make. Homemade favors are always in; you could pack homemade potpourri with notes of spices in small organza bags and tie a tag on each bag with your names, wedding date, and personal message.

Another great wedding favor idea is homemade hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. You can also consider giving mini snow globes as wedding gifts.

These are just a few winter wedding ideas. I am sure you can come up with plenty more. I am looking forward to your suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Winter Wedding Ideas

  1. Emily

    I just wanted to thank you for your comment.

    Also, I love this post about winter weddings! My cousin is getting married on Valentine’s Day and I am doing all of her pictures for her. I’ve been looking around for a lot of different ideas, but I’m going to show her a few of these things too!

    Thanks again,

  2. Anonymous

    I want a wedding outside at night on winter solstice. The bridemaids dresses could be a rich sapphire blue and the guests could hold candles! I inspire this idea from Phoebe’s wedding on Friends with just a few different details. I think that would be sweet :)

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