Top Suggestions for Your Winter Wedding Cakes

One can definitely say that a winter wedding is an event one would look forward to, because the food and décor can be summed up in one word: amazing. The same is especially true for winter wedding cakes. Winter decorations are easy to make and comes out looking really elegant without too much effort. Winter wedding cakes, on the other hand, are really fun opportunities to invest your effort in because it is one of the highlights of a winter wedding.


Styles that Grab Attention

Winter wedding cakes reflect the theme of the season, but a more wintery feel can be added. For starters, you should try to get a base mud cake or fruit cake because these dense cakes reflect the feel of the season (unlike fluffy lemon meringue). Try dosing it with abundant spirits and liqueurs, too. To decorate, try to go for tones that are done in orange and brown as a nice warm contrast to all the silvery white stuff you are going to use to decorate the wedding venue. At the same time, you can amp up the winter feel with silvery or pale frosting if you like. Other decorations worth working with include flower sprigs, and icicle-like decorations for a bit of pizzazz. You can also add bows to the side and small ribbons, plus little silver trinkets (which guests can pull out) that will reflect your winter wedding theme.
Even the serving of the winter wedding cake must be given importance. You can match the cake to the wine or pair up a fruit cake with wealthy brandy. You must know how these things go together so your guests will be all the more impressed with the amount of preparation you have put into the wedding – starting with that attractive and yummy winter wedding cake!

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