How to Choose the Right Decors for Winter Wedding Cakes

One of the highlights of a wedding reception is the wedding cake.  So when you have a winter wedding, you should also have the best looking winter wedding cake there. Like your wedding invitations, your winter wedding cakes should represent you and your partner and the mood of the wedding you want to project.


Going with Round and Rectangular Cakes

Since most couples use round wedding cakes, you can also do the same. You can also put them in layers. But to give it a wintry look and feel, you can decorate it with snowflakes, snowballs or bells to signify the season. If you want a variation to this style, you can also shape each layer like a gift box. You can even have gift box designs of various shapes and sizes. Then you could decorate them with red ribbons and other trimmings.

Decorating with Animals

Animals that connote the cold weather can also be used as decors or winter wedding cake toppers. You can use penguins, polar bears, birds and reindeers, for instance. The important thing is to create a wintry feel and wintry impression when guests look at your winter wedding cake.

Using the Christmas Theme

Since winter usually connote Christmas anyway, you can use symbols and items that are associated with Christmas too. For example, you can use Christmas bells and candles, stars, pie trees, snowflakes, wreathes, mistletoes and poinsettias as decorations or trimmings for the winter wedding cakes. Flowers and ribbons never go out of style too. You can mix and match as long as your cake remains elegant and of course, beautiful.

Winter Wonderland

How about recreating winter wonderland or at least its aura or feel in your own winter wedding cake? Simply use the colors white, silver and ice blue to accomplish this. Then with flowers and ribbons here and there, you can already combine the beauty of the theme and the romantic feel you want to create for occasion you are celebrating.

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