Everything You Need to Know About Winter Wedding Bouquets

Winter themed weddings are quite popular these days, especially with the unique sense of romance that comes with an all-white celebration. Part of the wedding essentials would be the decorations, of course – but it is also quite common to really think about what kind of bouquet the bride will carry on her very special day. Luckily, there are lots of unique options when you have to choose your winter wedding bouquet. The selection will always begin with some of the most important things you need to know about winter wedding bouquets.


Flowers as Your Starting Point

First off, there are several kinds of flowers you may want to choose from for your bouquet. The usually called default option would be poinsettia. This warm flower is a very popular choice in a Christmas-y feel kind of wedding. After all, a poinsettia is romantic and fun and the rich red hue is very warm to look at. You can also try lilies, freesia and roses. Usually, it is best to stick to colors revolving around hues of white and green or maybe red and green. Some even go all-out and put together a winter wedding bouquet masterpiece in icy blue and chilly white combinations.

Next, try to work around wintery colors such as silver, gold, white, green, crimson and even ice blue. Always choose one or two and never a mish mash of all the colors. You can choose one deep and rich hue and accent it with something gold or glittery. Your bouquet for a winter wedding should always stand out, but it should not be too attention grabbing that the guests end up talking about it. The reason for this is because no matter how pretty the flowers are, the bride must be the focus of the crowd. It is best to have an artfully arranged bouquet, a simple gown and good makeup for the bride. This is a good way of achieving a sense of balance in the overall look of the bride.

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