Wedding Tiaras in Europe


18th century tiara

To continue the history of the wedding tiara let us see how it was used in the last few hundred years.

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In more modern times throughout Europe, particularly after the fall of the French emperor Napoleon who went nowhere without a tiara, some of the finest of all time were created.

In Russia, female aristocrats wore lavishly decorated kokoschnik style tiaras with many spikes and a center peak to showcase their wealth. Then after the 1800s arrived along with a rise in new democracies, the wearing of tiaras and diadems suddenly changed from being a political message to a fashion statement.

The nouveau rich soon made them an absolute must-have accessory for all social events and it was in the early 1900s when wedding tiaras had become incredibly popular in the United States, although a form of them had been worn for some time by this point by Native American Indians whose women wore handcrafted tiaras made from many colorful beads.

After World War I tiaras were slowly being replaced by simpler head pieces such as aigrettes and the bandeaux, although tiaras did remain popular throughout the 1920s and most especially again in the 1930s as moving pictures were now being made.

With the arrival of World War II and more dire economic times in the 1930s, the great love of tiaras had seemingly come to an end. But, twenty years later after television made its debut and a brand new form of media was born, wedding tiaras once again returned.


modern wedding tiara

There were plenty of beautifully designed examples for women to follow shown on TV and also in fashion magazines worn by famous Hollywood actresses.

Read on to see how in recent years the wedding tiara has seen a great resurgence in popularity …

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