Wedding Photography On A Budget

By now you probably found out it can really cost a lot of money to get married these days. One way to save on your wedding budget is by considering your wedding photography options.

You may have thought of some other ways to keep the cost down first.


Not too many  brides are looking forward to renting a gown. It is something you want to hold on to.

And you cannot limit the number of guests you will invite too much or it won’t be a lot of fun.

You could of course choose to just elope and get married in front of a judge but I suppose your families and friends won’t be too happy about that.

One of the solutions  to get the budget balanced is to save on the wedding photographer.

Why not have an amateur shoot your wedding? If you have a friend who is a photography hobbyists you could  ask them to cover your wedding.

This does not have to be done for free. Although this could be his wedding present to you. You know the quality of amateur camera’s is so good nowadays. And these guys usually have some great photo editing software as well, just in case you made a mess of the chocolate cake…

You can also ask more friends to bring their own camera and just compile all the pictures they’ve taken. On top of giving you a lot of different perspectives of your wedding, it is almost free. You just select the best pictures and create your own album on the computer.

If you have even a bit of money to spare you can start comparing prices of up and coming photographers in your area. As they are new and are still searching for business they can have very competitive rates for their wedding photography packages.

A professional photographer at your wedding is not really what matters. The important thing is to enjoy the day with your family and friends who have helped you as individuals and as a couple.

Remember to just have fun and enjoy each other on your special day!

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