Unique Wedding Photography Ideas

If you want your wedding memories to be unique it is time to think up some innovative and unconventional wedding photography ideas.

When later you will look back and go through your wedding photos, it will be more fun if they show some originality and help you relive these special moments.


Though wedding photographers also have plenty of creative ideas it is still best to discuss your own ideas with them.

One trendy option is having the wedding photos shot in black and white. Some of the greatest pictures in history are in black and white. You don’t need to have all of them captured in monochrome of course.

You can take a selection from the engagement pictures, dressing up for the big day, the ceremony itself, group shots and even the reception. It all depends on the wedding photography package you choose.

Pick the ones that would make it more elegant and classical. The black and white photos make the viewer focus more on the emotion and the people in the picture.

If your color motif is black and white then this idea would be even more suitable.

Now generally the photographer will shoot in color anyway with his digital camera and then just convert the selected pictures it to black and white during post processing.

Another artistic wedding photography idea is using film photography because it looks more beautiful and romantic.

You may still like to go old school and use a real film camera but there is software available to emulate any old film brand. Whether you prefer a Polaroid look or heavy grain, the specialist can fake it with his DSLR and computer.

For extra fun and surprises you can also give disposable cameras to the whole wedding entourage and ask them to take pictures all throughout the day. After the wedding party they just drop off the cameras.

You will have various perspectives of your special day. You will be able to see your wedding through the eyes of your maid of honor, the flower girl,  your parents and friends.

You can go over the pictures with your wedding photographer and make a nice selection that will take you through the journey they also took on your special day.

This way you will have great memories of your wedding to enjoy for many years to come.

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