Quickly Lose Weight with a Wedding Diet

wedding-diet-pizzaI was having a bad day. I suddenly realized I needed to quickly lose weight and find a wedding diet or something. The stress of my wedding planning was making me crazy! I love my husband and I could not wait until the big day was here. I had no idea that this was such a painstaking task. To plan a wedding I mean.

All I had been doing was shopping for the wedding and eating. I wish that I had realized that I was eating a bit too much! I had been putting on a few pounds. I think that I should have waited until last to get my wedding dress. I had already had the fitting and I knew that I was not going to fit into it now. I only had one month to go.


I knew that I just needed to lose about ten pounds. I went on the internet looking for bride diets hoping to find the quickest way to lose some weight. I knew that I had to decrease my calorie intake first and foremost!

I came across weight loss program with a funny name and I read that the best way to achieve an all over body weight loss was a healthy diet and aerobic workouts.

I sat down with my new information in hand and planned out a schedule to follow every day. I knew that I still had all of the wedding stuff to do, but I had to put a few workouts and fewer calories into it. I knew that the more exercises that I did the faster I could take the weight off.

It really was not that hard to do the workouts and it relaxed my mind. It actually was a relief to talk about something other than the wedding. The pressure of the wedding planning did make it harder to resist sweets. I wanted to eat all the time. I wanted all of the cheesecake and milkshakes that I could find. I was good though and stuck to my wedding diet. I ate six times a day, small portions only!

The new diet and exercise regimen seemed to work. It was a day until the last dress fitting and I stepped on my scale. I actually had lost fifteen pounds. I just hoped that my dress was not too small.


My wedding dress fit perfectly. Even better than when I picked it out. My wedding went off without a hitch. It was just as I had dreamed that it would be. The weight loss made the day even that more special.

One thought on “Quickly Lose Weight with a Wedding Diet

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