Mother of the Bride Suits

If the word “suit” invokes images of boring, manly outfits that looks as if they belong more in the boardroom than in a wedding, you may be pleasantly surprised when you see all of the beautiful outfits that fall under the category of mother of the bride suits.

You’ve finally decided that you’d like to consider designers suits special occasions instead of evening or formal dresses for your daughter’s wedding, but now the interesting part begins, finding one that’s not only flattering to your figure, including the right color and fabrics, but one that will also be suitable for the occasion.


Choosing the Perfect Color

While the “rules” as to what colors are acceptable to wear to a wedding, even if you are the mother of the bride, have changed a bit over the years, one thing still remains the same – avoid colors that are too dark causing you to appear as if you’re in mourning instead of celebrating this joyous occasion.

Black is also considered by some to be an unlucky color to wear to a wedding, particularly so for the mother of the bride or groom, and also should never be worn if the bridesmaids are wearing the same color. However, black with gray, silver, or metallic accents for a formal affair may, on the other hand, work very well.

At the other end of the spectrum, white, off-white and ivory are mostly considered taboo as those colors are usually reserved for the bride herself. Although, deeper shades in the same family, like champagne or taupe, or perfectly acceptable and can also complement the bride’s gown beautifully.

Depending on the season of the year, as well as the time of day the wedding is taking place, soft pastels or rich jewel tones are both worth considering. Think burgundy, plum, hunter green, or a deep cerulean, or if lighter colors are more your style, try shades of rose and lavender or a soft yellow, blue, or minty green.

Flatter Your Figure

To minimize a larger figure, choose colors that are on the dark side, those with small prints, and vertical, not horizontal lines or stripes, as well as loose fabrics that won’t cling to your every curve. There are also plenty of mother of the bride outfits in plus sizes. If you want to appear taller, pass on those womens church suits that have fussy details or a lot of embellishments and stick with a slimming silhouette look.

The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Mother of the Bride Suits


1. choose something that will be comfortable for the entire day.
2. look for fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily.
3. consider the color of the mother of the groom’s outfit.
4. consider a suit that could be worn again for another special occasion if finances are a concern.
5. buy an outfit that will suit your figure as well as your pocketbook.


1. consider anything frumpy or dowdy.
2. pick something too flashy or gaudy.
3. buy your shoes before your outfit.
4. put fashion ahead of comfort.
5. forget about shopping online.

The sky is definitely the limit when it comes to the variety of mother of the bride suits available today. Flattering your figure is all about choosing the right color, the right fabric, and the best cut for your body type.

2 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride Suits

  1. Peggy Lutz

    When the mother of the groom or bride is a plus size, and the color needs to be light, such as for a spring or summer wedding, the trick is to keep one long, vertical line from shoulder to hem.

    This can be done with consistent color and simple, vertical style lines. If a lightweight jacket is worn over a sleeveless dress, the jacket can provide flattering, vertical interest. Keep it simple and elegant!

  2. Deb

    Another option for plus size women is custom made clothing. You can choose the style and the only limit is your budget :-)

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