Mother of the Bride Shoes to Match Your Outfit

Your precious daughter is getting married soon and you’ve found the absolute perfect outfit to wear for the big day, but now, it’s time to find just the right pair of shoes to match. While you’ll want them to complement your mother of the bride dress beautifully and be stylish as well, you will also want your mother of the bride shoes to be completely comfortable and able to withstand the busy day ahead.

The very first step, no pun intended, is to take a look at the shoes you already have in your closet and think about those that are the most comfortable to you. What is it about them that makes them so easy to wear? Is it the material they’re made of? The type of fit? What about the general style and the height of the heel?

Now that you’ve pinpointed what it is that makes your feet feel their best, it’s time to begin your quest for the perfect pair to wear to your daughter’s wedding. Take into consideration the overall theme of the day and what time the ceremony will begin. For early afternoon weddings that are more on the casual side, a shoe with a lower heel may be more appropriate, while a formal black-tie affair calls for a fancier, more noticeable pair.

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The color is yet another important point to remember while shopping as depending on the actual shade of your dress, you’ll want them to either match precisely, or be of a neutral color. If they must match your dress exactly, you may want to consider buying satin shoes in any number of different styles that can be dyed professionally, a service that’s usually available at mother of the bride shops or upscale shoe stores. With this option, there’s no second guessing and trying to match the colors together, something that’s almost impossible to do just by looking at them.Orlando

A great idea to consider is actually buying two pairs of shoes. One to wear for the ceremony and the early festivities of the reception, including the pictures, and another pair to wear for comfort purposes or just for dancing the night away. Some mother’s of the bride, including the brides themselves, often choose to buy a pair of fancy slipper-style shoes to put on at the reception. These slippers usually have a satin look to them, a soft sole, and feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all on your feet. They also come in shades of white, beige, ivory and cream as well as in the brighter colors of the rainbow.

Whatever type of mother of the bride shoes you ultimately decide on for your daughter’s wedding, just be sure to keep comfort at the forefront of your mind, and also, shop as early as possible so that you can wear them around the house a bit to break them in and scuff up the soles. There are also small rubber soles you can buy to attach to the bottom that will make them extra slip-proof.

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  1. Comfort

    I would like to know the cost of the full shoes ivory and bag. How long it take to be delivery. Items need by Friday for wedding on saturday.

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