Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

Lord Taylor pantsuit

Lord Taylor pantsuit

The most memorable day of your beloved daughter’s life is drawing near and you’re faced with the important task of finding the perfect outfit for the occasion, something else to add to the growing list of things to take care of before the big day finally arrives.

While you will definitely want to be as comfortable as possible, you will also want to wear something that is stylish and appropriate for such a monumental event.

Mother of the bride pant suits are a beautiful option to consider and they’re a sophisticated choice that never seems to go out of style.


mother of bride pantsuit

mother of bride pantsuit

Casual, dressy, formal, and stylish are just some of the many words that come to mind when thinking of the classic pant suit. Pant suits are wonderful for weddings as they are not only comfortable to wear throughout the long, tiring day when you’ll be on your feet quite a bit, but they’re figure flattering as well.

Suits with long duster style jackets can hide a multitude of sins and you will find selections in two or three pieces as well as those that even resemble dresses with scarves, wraps and flowing separates. To minimize a fuller figure, choose vertical stripes instead of horizontal, darker colors, and smaller prints instead of large.

While it’s true we sometimes think of manly, business attire when hearing the words “pant suit,” today there are endless choices of feminine, elegant outfits made from luxurious materials such as chiffon, linen, organza, satin, or silk that are simply gorgeous. Fabrics that won’t wrinkle easily are naturally most preferable, as are those that won’t cling to your every curve.

One word of caution regarding pant suits for the mother of the bride. Allways steer clear of those that look like they’re fit for the boardroom rather than a wedding. You certainly won’t want something that’s too dowdy or frumpy; alternately, you wouldn’t want anything too flashy or gaudy either as you won’t want your outfit to take any attention away from your daughter.

pink mother of bride pantsuit

The formality of the wedding will dictate how dressy your pantsuit should be and if it’s a more casual affair and your finances are a concern, buy an outfit that you’ll be able to wear again for some other special occasion. But before you even begin shopping, a friendly call to the mother of the groom, if she hasn’t called already, to ask about her outfit and its color is a nice gesture, and it’s also the ideal way of making sure you won’t end up in something too similar to one another.

Traditional wedding etiquette says that the mother of the bride’s outfit should be purchased first, but it’s perfectly acceptable, and encouraged to communicate with each other about the process of finding your suits or dresses.

In terms of colors, the mother of the bride sometimes wears a shade close to that of the bridal party, but she should never wear white, cream or ivory to her daughter’s wedding even in the spring or summer months unless specifically asked to do so by the bride.

When choosing the best color for your outfit you will want to take a few variables into consideration including the formality of the wedding and where it’s taking place, the time or season of the year, and also your skin and hair coloring. Darker colors are usually most flattering for fuller figures, although with pant suits that are specifically designed to be slimming; you’ll have a wider selection to pick from.

Some darker colors to consider include burgundy, deep cerulean blue, eggplant, hunter green, navy, plum, and wine. Although traditionally black was frowned upon for weddings as it was considered bad luck, especially for the mother of the bride, and was also reserved for times of mourning, now there are a variety of dazzling pant suits in black to choose from, many with sparking embellishments like sequins or rhinestones.

You will find plenty of mothers of the bride pant suits adorned with colored accents, ornate bead work, scrolled patterns, and intricate lace designs. And for lighter colored dressy pant suits that would be appropriate for a wedding consider apricot, buttercup, champagne, dusty rose, icy gray, lavender, sage, silver, or taupe.

Select your outfit before buying your shoes, jewelry, undergarments, or other accessories like your purse so you can be sure everything will match. You might also want to buy a pair of matching slippers that will compliment your outfit to put on as the evening wears on especially if you’ll be wearing high heels.

And because dressy suits for the mother of the bride are available in so many different colors, fabrics, and styles you will want to start shopping as soon as possible to have time to explore your countless options.

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