The Modern Wedding Tiara

wedding-band-tiaraIn recent years the wedding tiara has seen a great resurgence in popularity as brides everywhere choose to wear them instead of other types of head pieces or perhaps along with a veil on their big day.

Some brides wear both so they can remove the veil after the ceremony while leaving the tiara in place to be admired throughout the reception.

Today, brides having wedding ceremonies of all types, styles, sizes, and formalities are choosing to wear tiaras as they walk down the aisle to their soon-to-be husband as happy family and friends look on.


Fortunately, the modern wedding tiara has become a rather affordable option for brides to consider and they are no longer reserved for just the wealthy with designers placing more of an emphasis on unique styles rather than just using expensive gemstones to increase value or interest.

Some tiaras are rather understated looking and barely noticeable depending on the hair style worn while others appear to have been made specifically for all the crowned heads of Europe. The modern tiara comes in a dazzling array of styles sure to please anyone’s tastes as well as budget.


bride with tiara

Modern tiaras have evolved into a half-moon shape that sits atop the head usually with combs near the ends to keep it securely in place. Along with the single band style, tiaras can also be found with double or triple bands and there are countless examples of exquisitely designed selections to choose from with either genuine or faux gemstones, or even a combination of both. Some tiaras have many points and facets resembling a princess’s crown.

Crystals, cubic zirconium, pearls, rhinestones, and semi-precious gems are often found gracing the intricate designs of wedding tiaras made from a variety of metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and simple pot metal. Tiaras with pearls go well with wedding dresses of all colors and can be mixed with rhinestones or crystals or used alone and you can choose gemstones of either contrasting or similar colors to accentuate your bridal ensemble.

Some newly married women are choosing to turn their tiaras into a piece of jewelry such as stunning necklace, bracelet or broach so that they can wear it over and over again while others leave theirs intact passing it on to future generations or keeping it as a cherished family heirloom.

Tiaras are also often worn for other special occasions such as formal balls, beauty pageants, cotillions, dances, proms, and quinceaneras in addition to weddings.


Quinceaneras dress and tiara

What began as an accessory to gods, kings, and pharaohs, the wedding tiara definitely offers a distinctive air of regal elegance and grandeur making the blushing bride even more beautiful.

If you missed it, have a look at the history of the wedding tiara and some of the finest wedding tiaras in Europe in modern times.

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