Maid of Honor Speech Do’s And Don’ts


It was always assumed you would be the maid of honor and now the big day is upon you.

Your best friend or sister is getting married, and while all eyes are on her in the beginning, there will be a brief 2-5 minute period when all eyes are on you as you give the maid of honor speech.

Don’t worry, it won’t be like speech class when you worried over every word. Instead, it will be a snap, just telling people about the special relationship you have with this friend and how much you love her and her new husband.


When thinking about what to share with your audience, consider talking about how you and the bride met and how long you have known each other.

If appropriate, describe what she used to say her ideal man would be like and how the groom fits that bill. You want to achieve a wonderful balance between humorous and not embarrassing anyone. You know this bride too well and love her too much to want to embarrass her.

You want to praise how beautiful she looks today and how you knew from the first day you practiced being brides together with towels hanging off your heads as veils, that she would be a wonderful bride.


Maid of honor and bride

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If you’re currently married, you may want to give the bride and groom some basic advice on married life, lighthearted, not scary! You may also want to put in a bit of spiritual advice about praying together if the couple is religious.

End the speech with what you hope and wish for the future of the couple. Perhaps it’s luck, prosperity, health or babies. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

Be natural as you talk, don’t worry about the others watching, just talk to the bride like no one else was listening. It is one of the maid of honor duties but you should enjoy it too.

If you worry about public speaking, take a note card with you that you can glance at to catch the highlights. Don’t worry if you forget something, no one will ever know.

More than anything, the speech or toast should let the bride and groom know how much you love them and that you wish them the best. Don’t embarrass them regardless of how well you think they could handle it. After all, their parents may not be able to handle it!

One thought on “Maid of Honor Speech Do’s And Don’ts

  1. Courtnee

    These are simple rules. They can make or break the whole wedding. Keep things light and fun. The last thing you need is a sobbing bride with makeup running or a mad groom.

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