Have the Loveliest Entourage on Your Wedding: Choosing the Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

There are some bridezillas who choose not-so-elegant dresses for their bridesmaids so that they will shine as the bride on their big day. There may be an unwritten rule that nobody should outshine the bride on her big day, but you don’t want your bridesmaids to look awful in frilly dresses and ugly hairstyles! There is a way for you to put together an elegant, good-looking entourage but still set yourself apart as a bride.


Choosing Dresses & Hairstyles for Your Bridesmaids

First, choose the dresses that your bridesmaids will be wearing. This should be during that part of your wedding planning when you’ve already chosen the dress and hairstyle for you as a bride. Let’s say that you have chosen a strapless dress for your bridesmaids to wear, how about the hairstyle? You’re lucky if all your bridesmaids have long hair. You can simply ask them to wear their locks in the same updo or curly hairstyle.

But what if the bridesmaids have varying hair lengths? The trick here is to choose a theme for their hairstyles. If you plan to have an elegant updo, then the bridesmaids can all wear their hair down. You can coordinate their looks by providing them with the same hair accessories to wear.

For instance, those who are having a beach wedding may ask all bridesmaids to wear a fresh flower as a hair accessory. For winter or evening weddings, sparkly hair accessories such as clips, headbands or even small tiaras can be worn by the bridesmaids. Or, you can simply let them have free reign on the hairstyle that they will be wearing as long as the style does not match yours as a bride! By following these tips, you can have the loveliest entourage on your wedding day.

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