Fun Junior Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

junior-bridesmaidJunior bridesmaids are among the youngest and undoubtedly the most adorable members of the entire bridal party.

And much like their older counterparts, junior bridesmaids should be included as much as possible when planning for the big day and then shown great appreciation for their participation in the wedding.


Following with the tradition of presenting the bridesmaids and the maid of honor with gifts, the bride should also have a fun but thoughtful gift for each of her junior bridesmaids. Most junior bridesmaids are between the ages of nine and 14, too young to be a bridesmaid but too old to act as flower girl, and fortunately there are countless gift ideas to choose from for this particular age range.

One great idea for all of the bridesmaids, including the older ones, is monogrammed pajamas or robes. Slumber parties are often a big part of the younger set and your junior bridesmaids will definitely feel special wearing her new PJs to the next sleepover at a friend’s house.

For the older junior bridesmaid, a goody bag filled with age appropriate makeup such as a few lip glosses, some pretty nail polish, or some sparkling body powder or lotion will definitely be a big hit during an age when most girls love to feel all grown up.

Reusable, canvas tote bags, either in the wedding colors or in each girl’s favorite shade, are perfect junior bridesmaid gift ideas that won’t break the budget. The bags can be monogrammed or personalized and each tote can be filled with special treats chosen specifically for the recipient.

You will also find a bevy of bags prefilled with gifts intended for young women or junior bridesmaids to browse through, which are especially convenient if you’re pressed for time as most brides-to-be are.

Hair accessories and their many different types are other gift ideas for junior bridesmaids that are fun and also useful. Choose from barrettes, hair clips, bands, ponytail holders, combs, and brushes as well as hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and shampoos and conditioners. You are sure to find something for each of your junior maids when it comes to hair care accessories.

You may want to give your junior bridesmaids a gift chock full of bath accessories including bubble bath, scented lotions and body moisturizers, sponges and body poufs, wash clothes and bath towels, or perhaps a pair of cute, fuzzy slippers to wear while primping and preening in the bathroom.

Jewelry can also make for the ideal present for your junior bridesmaid as she will be able to wear her gift during the wedding and then again for other special occasions such as a school dance. But, if your junior bridesmaid isn’t exactly the princess type, remember to take her personal interests into consideration when thinking of gift ideas. And if you aren’t sure, ask her parents, siblings or a few friends for some suggestions before shopping.

Some girls are outdoor enthusiasts who would really appreciate some of the latest sporting equipment, football or baseball cards, a gym bag with their name on it, or maybe a few passes to a local park, museum, nature center, or upcoming sporting event to enjoy later on with friends.

Your junior bridesmaids may be interested in activities such as reading, photography, scrapbooking, crafts, or collecting. Instead of a gift certificate to a bookstore, which is nice but a bit impersonal, present your maids with a collectible series of her favorite books along with a few bookmarks.

If she loves taking pictures, choose a set of pretty photo albums, a set of photo coasters that she can personalize and use at home, or if price is no concern, a camera and film to use for taking pictures at the wedding.

For the crafty junior bridesmaid there are endless supplies in craft stores, discount stores and from online merchants to choose from that will keep her busy for hours on end. Besides the actual scrapbooks there are tons of embellishments as well as organizers, a variety of papers, and an array of fun tidbits to choose from in all price ranges.

And, if you have the time and the inclination you can always create a personalized scrapbook for your junior bridesmaid that’s full of pictures of her and the two of you throughout the years showcasing some of her favorite memories. Ask for help from her mom or best friend if you need a few extra pictures to put in the scrapbook or album.

If your bridesmaid collects dolls, look for one wearing bridal attire, or even better, a delicate little porcelain doll that looks as if she’s wearing a bridesmaid’s gown. And if she’s an avid music lover, concert tickets,  a CD of the latest hits, or maybe the latest musical gadget will definitely make for a great gift.

For the girl that enjoys playing games, create a gift box full of everything she’ll need for game night such as a variety of playing cards and card games, board games, and puzzle books. If you have more than one junior bridesmaid to buy for be sure to vary the games so everyone can get together for a whole night of fun. You might also want to include some tasty treats like popcorn and candy bars.

If you’re on a strict budget but want to make sure your junior bridesmaid knows how much you appreciate her being in your wedding you can tap into your creative side to make heartfelt gifts that are meaningful and memorable.

But whatever you do decide to buy or make, be sure to choose a gift for your junior bridesmaid that she will cherish and fondly remember so she will always know what a special part she played in your wedding long after the day has passed.

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