Fall Wedding Decorations: Make Your Wedding Décor Reflect the Colors of Autumn

Next to summer, fall is the season of choice for most engaged couples who are about to utter their vows to each other. About one-third of soon-to-be-married couples choose autumn weddings, perhaps because of that quaint atmosphere brought about by the lovely fall colors and the ideal climate during the season.[ad#ad-1]

How to Incorporate Fall Colors on Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception Décor

Let’s say that you have chosen to get married in the fall. How are you supposed to incorporate the colors of the season and have it reflected on your décor for the wedding ceremony and reception? There are actually lots of ways that you can do so.

First, take a look at the colors which reflect autumn. You can either stick to one color of varying darkness and lightness, or use the entire fall color palette. Some of the most dominant shades which reflect the season include rich yellows, gold, copper, burnt orange, brown and peach. As you can see, all of these colors are warm, rich and inviting.

Should you choose to stick to just one color like yellow – you can decorate the wedding ceremony and reception venue with hues ranging from light to bright yellow. On the other hand, choosing all the colors associated with the fall will give you more creative ways to decorate the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception.

After deciding on the color scheme, you can now incorporate the shade in the decorations. Start with the blooms which will be used to line up the aisle where the bride would march. The bouquet and other flowers to be used by the members of the wedding entourage should also reflect the theme of your fall wedding.

Then, on the wedding reception venue, think of a unique way to incorporate the colors when setting up the table. The wedding centerpiece and the linens should have coordinating fall colors. You can also incorporate the colors when decorating the pews, aisles, the altar, entrances and walkways.

Just let your imagination run wild and you are bound to come up with creative ideas on how to make your wedding day décor reflect the colors of autumn.

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