Creative Photography For Your Wedding

head-over-heels-wedding-photographyWe’ve all seen these wedding albums with the same old scenes, where everyone strikes the usual pose and everything looks plain and familiar.

It is a lot more fun when you give a unique and creative angle to your wedding photography. Especially when you add some unusual but classy portraits that show your individual personality.

Unique wedding photos will make you whip out the album more often to share it with family and friends. So you can all relive that great day again.

The best wedding albums are the ones everyone can enjoy and keeps flipping through.

It does take some preparation and you will have to spend some time with your wedding photographer to share your ideas and see what creative shots he comes up with. Also shop around and see what wedding photography packages are available.

While flipping though magazine or watching TV make notes of things that spring up in your mind and take that list when you meet the photographer.

To successfully capture true emotions ask your photographer to take as many candid and unrehearsed shots of the wedding party too. You can always cull the shots you don’t like later.

Creative photos can include a dog that you love, your child or an item that played a very important part in your relationship.

Consider emotional and expressive pictures with your parents and siblings.

And there is nothing wrong with a shot of you wiping a tear during the wedding.

To get a different view for classic shots the wedding photographer will also shoot from different angles. Hopefully he will have some unusual ideas and go with the inspiration of the moment.

Adding some drama with black and white in post production can be great too. And how about an old fashioned “real” film look?

Unique pictures of your wedding will make it all the more enjoyable to look at them over and over again for years to come.

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