Choosing Your Bridal Hair Combs

bridal-comb-thumbnailWhen it comes to choosing the bridal hair combs you will wear on your upcoming wedding day, first consider the actual size of the comb itself.

The largest of jeweled combs will look gorgeous for formal nuptials either worn with the hair swept to one side or worn around the back of the head.



bridal hair comb

Or, if you may be having an informal wedding and getting married on the beach, for example, you may want a larger, simpler comb to keep your hair in place.

Medium and smaller hair combs are great for adding interest to updos or even to flatter hair that’s worn down in a loose, flowing style.

After you have a general idea as to the size of comb or combs that you will need you can then begin to narrow down your numerous choices in terms of type. In addition to jewels and crystals of all colors and sizes, both real and faux hair combs can be found in all colors and decorated in so many pretty ways.

Some combs are vintage themed and resemble those that would be worn during times such as the Victorian era while others are sleek and completely modern. You will also find hair combs adorned with a wide range of flower designs, delicate scrollwork, butterflies or similar whimsical figures, and ornate beadwork.

Although the process of choosing your hairstyle and the necessary accessories can be a bit overwhelming with your many choices, not to mention taking care of all of the rest of the details that are involved with planning a wedding, it can also be great fun.

Whatever size, type or style you choose, be sure your hair combs reflect your own personal sense of style while also coordinating with your dress, the rest of your accessories, the colors of the wedding and its formality as well as the time of year the event is taking place.

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