Choosing The Maid Of Honor Gown

bridesmaid gowns

Choosing the right maid of honor gown is another important but fun task for the bride-to-be.

While it’s true all eyes will be on the bride during her most memorable day, the maid of honor will be in the spotlight quite a bit so it’s important her gown is special and chosen carefully.


At one time, the maid of honor and bride dressed identically to one another so as to confuse any evil spirits planning on ruining the wedding or causing harm to the bride.

bridesmaid gowns

bridesmaid gown colors

Today, here in the modern world, brides want their own unique look and the maid of honor’s gown usually resembles the rest of the bridesmaid gowns in some way, but slightly different in order to set her apart. And, perhaps most importantly, the maid of honor’s gown should never overshadow or attract more attention than the bride’s.

As you probably already know, there are a number of things to first consider when shopping for gowns for your maid of honor. You will want to keep in mind variables such as your budget, the time of year the wedding is taking place, the weather, where the wedding ceremony will be, the overall formality of the event, and of course, style.

Also being considerate as to the skin tone and size and body shape of your maid of honor will help greatly when it comes time to finding a flattering gown she’ll feel comfortable in all day long.

Naturally it’s the bride’s choice as to the color, style, and type of gowns for her bridal party, but the thoughtful bride will want everyone to be as happy as she is on her wedding day so choosing their gowns carefully is a task deserving of a lot of attention.

Choices are literally endless when it comes to choosing the maid of honor’s gown. You can opt for the same exact style of gown for all of the bridesmaids, but have the maid of honor wear a slightly different color in the same family, or one that’s complementary to the theme of the wedding. Or, the maid of honor can wear the same color as the other women but in a totally different style of dress.

For the most uniform look of all, choose gowns in only one or two colors and vary their styles slightly from one maid to the next. A perfect example of this would be one dress that’s off the shoulder, another with a higher, decorative collar, another with a coordinating wrap or scarf, and perhaps yet another still with a bolero style jacket or shrug. Or, the maid of honor’s gown could be sleeveless while the others have sleeves of varying lengths.

There are plenty of two piece gowns ideal for the maid of honor as pieces can be mixed and matched to dress the entire bridal party. While the maid of honor’s outfit should definitely look different from the others’, you will still want to aim for a similar style such as the A-line, strapless, ball gown, halter neck, sweetheart neckline, or tea length dresses.

The bride’s most recognized attendant can also wear unique jewelry, but using the same style, color, or gemstones for her to be noticed as the maid of honor as well as carrying a different bouquet.

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