Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses – Inexpensive but Beautiful

When I was planning my wedding on a rather limited budget myself, I knew the first thing I had to accomplish was finding cheap bridesmaid dresses that were beautiful, but that also wouldn’t require any of my attendants to take out a loan.

Two of the young women in the wedding were college students at the time, so I had to make sure they would be able to afford their dresses along with all the other responsibilities that often come along with being a bridesmaid.


During an event as special as someone’s wedding, every bridesmaid wants to look their absolute best. After all, many eyes will be on the entire wedding party, and everyone will be posing for more than a few pictures throughout the day. Besides the matter of appearances, keeping your budget in mind is also an important factor to consider.

But how can you find a dress that’s not only inexpensive, but also well made, and of course, beautiful? Well, it all really depends on if you know where to look or not.

If many of the prices in the bridal magazines make you cringe, it’s still helpful to look over the popular styles, see what colors appeal to you the most, and get a few ideas to jump start your search. Speaking of searches, the internet is an invaluable resource for finding countless styles of dresses, and also for speeding up the process of bargain shopping. Instead of driving from store to store, simply surf from one site to the next, keeping a list of those that catch your eye.

An often overlooked fact in the world of bridal attire is – if a dress is marked or labeled as being a bridesmaid’s dress, it’s going to be more expensive than a similarly made dress that’s not marked as such.

Never forget there are many gorgeous cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and prom gowns that all would make perfect bridesmaid gowns. Besides the usual bridal shops and boutiques, there are numerous department stores and internet retailers that carry these types of dresses at reasonable prices.

My own wedding was in the middle of October, and I chose a deep, garnet red as the color for my bridesmaid’s dresses, which were beautifully offset by my creamy colored gown with its gold roses delicately brocaded throughout. They looked very elegant in their modest bridesmaid dresses.

What everyone didn’t know was that my gown and two other bridesmaid’s dresses were actually prom dresses that we bought early in June when prom season was just ending. All three gowns were purchased at a department store for a mere fraction of the regular cost, and I can’t count the number of guests who asked if my dress was custom made just for me! They had no idea where these discount bridesmaid dresses came from.

Another revelation I thought of during my search for the perfect but cheap bridesmaid dresses was that each of the bridesmaids didn’t necessarily have to match one another, as long as the color of the dress was the same. This opened up a world of possibilities since I wasn’t limited to one particular style.

In fact, the other two dresses I chose for my attendants were basically the same, but one had a different type of sleeve, and they were of varying lengths. Since no two bridesmaids are built exactly the same, why should their dresses be?

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