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Choosing The Maid Of Honor Gown

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Choosing the right maid of honor gown is another important but fun task for the bride-to-be.

While it’s true all eyes will be on the bride during her most memorable day, the maid of honor will be in the spotlight quite a bit so it’s important her gown is special and chosen carefully.
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Maid of Honor Speech Do’s And Don’ts


It was always assumed you would be the maid of honor and now the big day is upon you.

Your best friend or sister is getting married, and while all eyes are on her in the beginning, there will be a brief 2-5 minute period when all eyes are on you as you give the maid of honor speech.

Don’t worry, it won’t be like speech class when you worried over every word. Instead, it will be a snap, just telling people about the special relationship you have with this friend and how much you love her and her new husband.
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Maid of Honor Duties

helping-bride-dress-smallBeing asked to be the maid of honor in a wedding is an sign of trust. The bride knows that you will come through for her in various ways, both as the big day approaches and on her wedding day itself.

You and the bride both want this day to be memorable, in a good way of course, and you are there to make it happen. Most of these dutiesĀ  you would probably do anyway, just because you are the bride’s friend. Yet, she has chosen to single you out and honor you with this job so you need to take it seriously.
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