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Have the Loveliest Entourage on Your Wedding: Choosing the Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

There are some bridezillas who choose not-so-elegant dresses for their bridesmaids so that they will shine as the bride on their big day. There may be an unwritten rule that nobody should outshine the bride on her big day, but you don’t want your bridesmaids to look awful in frilly dresses and ugly hairstyles! There is a way for you to put together an elegant, good-looking entourage but still set yourself apart as a bride.

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Fun Junior Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

junior-bridesmaidJunior bridesmaids are among the youngest and undoubtedly the most adorable members of the entire bridal party.

And much like their older counterparts, junior bridesmaids should be included as much as possible when planning for the big day and then shown great appreciation for their participation in the wedding. Continue reading

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

The role of bridesmaid is an extremely important one, and also one that should be appreciated by both the bride and groom.

Because of this, bridesmaid gifts should be personal and thoughtful in order to convey a message of deep thanks.

Instead of the usual matching faux jewelry or a small box with the word “bridesmaid” engraved on the top, take the time to find a gift each member of your wedding party will love and appreciate long after the special day has passed.
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Finding the Perfect Formal Bridesmaid Dress

Back when the tradition of bridesmaids wearing matching gowns first became popular in the mid 1800s, the dresses they wore would coincide in formality with the time of day the wedding took place. But today, the formal bridesmaid dress is acceptable for just about any type of wedding, including late-morning, afternoon, or evening nuptials.
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