Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

The role of bridesmaid is an extremely important one, and also one that should be appreciated by both the bride and groom.

Because of this, bridesmaid gifts should be personal and thoughtful in order to convey a message of deep thanks.

Instead of the usual matching faux jewelry or a small box with the word “bridesmaid” engraved on the top, take the time to find a gift each member of your wedding party will love and appreciate long after the special day has passed.


Naturally, your budget will dictate how much you’re able to spend on each gift or person, so figure everything out on paper before heading to the store or searching online. In the meantime, here are some great gift ideas to consider that can all be modified depending on budget, personal taste, and the theme or formality of the wedding.

From the Heart

If you are truly limited by a small budget you will want cheap bridesmaid gifts without looking stingy. You can take the hands-on approach and show all of your bridesmaids that you put some of your heart and soul into each of their unique gifts, having them made yourself.

Look for recipes online for things like bath salts, body soaps and lotions, and make your own candles while experimenting with various combinations of aromatic ingredients. Plain glass or ceramic mugs, plates, trinket boxes, and vases can be found at dollar or discount stores and can be adorned with permanent paints in her favorite colors.

Delicious homemade jams and jellies in decorative jars filling a pretty basket embellished with ribbon are also heartfelt and inexpensive bridesmaid gifts to consider.

If you know how to knit or crochet, and have enough free time before the wedding, you can make scarves, socks, sweaters, or cozy throws for your bridesmaids. Vary the colors and type of yarn used to make each gift unique.

Pamper Her

Show your appreciation to your bridesmaids by presenting each with a bridesmaid gift basket filled with everything they will need to feel completely pampered. Create gift baskets, either identical or personalized for each of them, filled with things like manicure sets, nail polish, makeup, lotions, perfumes, bath sets, candles, and perhaps a gift certificate to the local spa or beauty salon.

Tasty treats like decadent truffles, a box of fine chocolates, or a bottle of wine or champagne will also be appreciated.

If your budget allows you may also want include silky pajamas or a luxurious robe or set of towels, which can also be used to line the gift box or basket.

Personalized Treasures

Each bridesmaid was special or important enough to be included in your most memorable of days, so why not let her know with a personalized bridesmaid gifts full of treasures especially chosen for her?

If you have a few fitness buffs in your wedding party, consider workout gear or equipment, gym memberships, and a subscription to a fitness magazine while wine connoisseurs would love a few bottles along with a decorative corkscrew.

If you have a theater buff in the mix, tickets to the latest show and a set of movies you know she would enjoy would make a nice gift.

For the reader or writer, consider personalized stationery, a set of pretty note cards, a beautiful pen and pencil set, an elegantly bound journal, the first edition of her favorite novel, or perhaps a gift certificate to the local bookstore and coffee shop.

The Gift of Memories

Some ideas to consider for giving your bridesmaids the wonderful gift of memories include a keepsake or jewelry box, photo albums, photo paper for printing her own pictures, and a scrapbook with all of the necessary accoutrements.

You could also include a few disposable cameras and pens for journaling or writing info on the backs of pictures.

Wedding Accessories

If you want to take the safest approach, there are many traditional wedding accessories to choose from that are geared toward bridesmaids. A jewelry set in a gift box, with earrings and a necklace she can wear to the wedding that will match her dress are often given to bridesmaids. And, jewelry that she will be able to wear again after the wedding will be even more appreciated.

If you’re having a destination wedding you may want to incorporate that theme into your bridesmaid’s gifts. For weddings far away from home, gifts such as photo or history books about the area are a nice touch along with a few postcards and perhaps a nice souvenir to remind her of the trip.

While it’s certainly true planning a wedding takes quite a bit of time and attention to detail, making sure each of your bridesmaids feels the depth of your gratitude is worth so much more than the effort or money spent.

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