Beautiful Wedding Candle Favors for Your Special Day

No matter what type of wedding you are planning, or the time of year, the overall theme, or even your budget, there are an incredible array of wedding candle favors for you to choose from. Candles make the absolute perfect kind of favor as there’s certainly no shortage of ideas to consider as well as numerous designs you can create for making your own unique favors that your guests will surely cherish.

With each and every color of the rainbow and all of the many shades in between, there’s always something for everyone’s tastes, as well as the season of the year, when it comes to candles and the plentiful ways of decorating and turning them into wedding favors . Depending on the color scheme for your wedding, you may want to choose only one or two for the actual candles and another complementary color for the ribbons or embellishments surrounding them.


If when you think of wedding candle favors the only thing that instantly comes to mind are ordinary votives or tea lights in plain candle holders, think again as today, candles come in a host of sizes and shapes and can be formed into just about anything from flowers, butterflies, animals, castles, even miniature wedding gowns and cakes.

Wedding candle favors can be monogrammed with the couples name or initials, or inscribed with a special sentiment or the date of their ceremony. A wide variety of pre-made candle favors will include matching gift tags, some with a standard, preprinted designs and others that are able to be personalized as well.Sealed Air-Zelt

Some ideas for candle wedding favors include:

  • Winter weddings: Look for candle holders in the shape of snowflakes, snowmen, or stars as well as white frosted votive holders. For nuptials taking place near St. Valentine’s Day there are plenty of heart shaped designs and similar love-themed ideas to choose from.
  • Spring weddings: Choose candles with flower designs such as tulips, lilies or lilacs. If you’re getting married near Easter make your own candle favors with plain, white egg cups in ceramic that can be painted in the colors and designs of your choice. Instead of an egg, place a tea light inside or fill with wax and a wick, then after burning the candle, guests can reuse the holders during the Easter holiday.
  • Summer weddings: Much like weddings in spring, those taking place in the summer months have plenty of options, including candles with nautical or tropical designs as well as the ever popular seashore theme by adding some sand and a few seashells to your candles.
  • Fall weddings: Acorns, leaves, trees, cornucopias and fall flowers are all perfect for weddings taking place during the autumn months. For this type of wedding favor, choose colors such as gold, bronze, orange, red, yellow, brown, beige and cream.

Whatever you decide, one thing’s for certain, your guests will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness after receiving their wedding candle favors that not only reflect the beauty of the entire day, but that can also be displayed and used in their homes again and again.

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