Ways To Make Your Backyard Wedding A Memorable Success

Ways To Make Your Backyard Wedding A Memorable Success

You have decided to hold your wedding in your own backyard. Perhaps you have purchased a new house and want the wedding to be part of an extravagant housewarming celebration as well. Or perhaps you are creative and want to handle the decorations and work yourself for the sheer satisfaction of seeing everything work out just right. Regardless of the reason, there are many ways to make this planning a little easier, a little more organized, and to ensure that your efforts can lead to a wedding that will be long remember by all.


1. Preparing Your Backyard

One of the first things you should look into is the state of the backyard. Is the lawn even and well maintained? Does anything need repairs, like porch, patio, or outside fixtures? Before you begin planning for the wedding to remember, first make sure the area is in good repair before you begin to add furnishings. The last thing you need is broken fixtures or a bare patch of lawn to make the picture perfect scene look sloppy. After you have taken care of the lawn, look around the backyard and see what else you can add. Wooden classic porch swings will look great and provide a place for guests to relax and socialize. Maybe a fountain can be added as a beautiful accent to an area, or some other piece of statuary. Even a few well placed benches near a patch of beautiful flowers can be a relaxing place. And remember you’re not just decorating for one day. This is a chance to make the garden and backyard of your dreams, one that you will cherish for a long time.

2. Music and Lighting for the Perfect Mood

Don’t overlook the value of music during your wedding. Music sets the tone of the celebration and gets everyone in the mood. And what wedding would be complete without the famous wedding march? Either a small band can be hired, or perhaps a friend or family member will volunteer their talents. As an alternative, you can also create a playlist on your computer and hide the speakers among the trees, bushes, and decorations as a surprise to the guests. It also allows you to control the music via remote so you play just what suits the mood.

If it starts getting dark you can turn on lights set around the garden so the festivities can continue. Soft lighting will maintain the mood, but strings of colorful lights set around various fixtures, the patio, through bushes or around trees, can compliment the theme nicely as well. Also solar lamps can help you save on energy bills.

3. Decide on the Theme

Unless you’ve decided to go with the traditional approach, theme is something to consider. Since you aren’t renting a venue you have a lot of creative license now and you can do what is enjoyable for everyone. The choice of theme affects the decorations you may use, even the food that may be served and the style of music played. A really interesting or festive theme may even require that the bride and groom wear a costume. Maybe even the guests can get in on it and dress appropriately as well. Also, don’t forget to use nature as part of your theme. Brightly colored ribbons and streamers can add to the color of flowers and plants as well as add beautiful trim to tables and furnishings.

4. Hire a Good Photographer

Most of the enjoyment after a wedding comes from the memories and a good set of professionally taken pictures can be the perfect vehicle for reminiscing in later years. A good photographer will circulate around and catch the good shots of the wedding and he or she might even set up a temporary space so that guests can have their pictures taken as well. Another fun option is to provide each guest with a disposable camera so they can record their own favorite memories for all time.

5. Be Weather Conscious

The weather may be a concern, come the big day of the wedding. Since its outdoors, you may need to consider contingency plans in case of a sudden rain storm or other harsh weather. If the guest list is a small one, consider moving things indoors and prepare your home appropriately in case that’s necessary. Another option is to set up tents with tables and chairs so that everyone can be dry beneath and everything can continue as planned. Just make sure that if it is necessary you have tents large enough to accommodate everyone.

6. Should You Rent Or Buy What You Need?

Unless you intend to use your newly setup and furnished garden to host other large parties or celebrations and have enough storage space, there is no need to buy all the tables and chairs for your guests. These can easily be rented and returned. As for smaller things like plates, glassware, and other similar items and decorations, consider a donation to charity. This way the items can be put to use, they won’t end up taking space in a landfill, and it may even be a tax deduction.

7. Let Friends and Family Handle the Tedious Tasks

And there will be boring tasks. While you are shopping for all the fun decorations, furnishings and trim, someone has to watch for replies to guest invitations, and make sure things go smoothly. Friends and family should be eager to help a new young couple get their wedding of just right and here are a few ideas for tasks you can delegate:

  • Parking issues. This can be a problem if there is a large guest list. Have a friend help by looking into renting a lot, or perhaps renting transportation to make it easier for everyone to get to the wedding. Also look into helping people get there that may live far away. A friend can help by picking guests up at the airport and driving them to the event, for example. If anything, you can ask your neighbors if they mind your guests parking on the street. This can cause some congestion so make sure to clear that option with them first.
  • Tracking guests. A very important but time consuming necessity, sending invitations and keeping track of the growing guest list is easily handled by a family member. Just makes sure you keep in touch since some of your decisions will be based on knowing the numbers you may expect.
  • Extra power needs. You may be running several lights, fans, or other fixtures and you might tax your house power. Having a small quiet generator can help you avoid a power outage at a bad time. A friend can look into this for you as well as other things you might need to make sure the wedding proceeds smoothly.

8. Comfort is a Priority

Your guests’ comfort can affect the event’s success. If they are hot and miserable due to climate and humidity, they may wonder why you didn’t rent a venue like a nice air conditioned church. But there are easy ways to make sure they’ll be just fine. Portable fans can be placed in areas where people congregate the most in order to assure a pleasant breeze. Another option is to use a misting machine, specially designed to cast a refreshing mist into an area without making things wet. This can be a perfect solution to the problem so you and your guests can concentrate on enjoying all the festivities.

9. Plan Around the Amount of Space You Have

This is one factor that will have a great effect on how you plan your backyard wedding. When compiling your guest list, make sure you can accommodate everyone. This includes not only the guests but any staff you hire, such as caterers or musicians. And in case you might need tents for the weather, additional lighting, or fans to keep everyone comfortable, the amount of room has to be taken into account since all of these things take up more room.

10. Let Nature Help in the Decorations

Along with planning for the furnishings and decorations for the theme you’ve picked, don’t neglect the role that nature can play. By choosing flowers and shrubs that will either stay in bloom year round, or chosen to bloom around the time of your wedding, you can create a sudden burst of vibrant color all around the garden. As a side benefit, they will last for years and will offer a gentle reminder each time you view them of the memorable backyard wedding that was so perfect.

As you can see from the above steps, there is quite a bit of work involved, and more than mentioned here. But the memories you’ll have, from tackling the project as a new couple, to the exchanging of vows during the celebration, will make the experience well worth the effort and you will cherish the memories of your backyard wedding for many years.

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