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Start Writing Your Father Of The Bride Speech

To start out your father of the bride speech, begin by thanking all of the guests for sharing in this most wonderful day, then continue by taking a moment to mention any special guests such as grandparents or the groom’s parents.

A few anecdotes from your daughter’s childhood is always a nice touch, as well as talking about how happy she is with her new husband, or what a stunningly beautiful bride she is. Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Gown Care

Many women decide to care for and preserve their wedding gowns themselves, mainly for cost reasons, but also because some are wary about trusting their cherished dress to anyone else, even if they are a professional.

Before you decide to take on the task of cleaning and preserving your own gown, there are a few things you should be aware of first, such as the type of fabric and how to best care for it.
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