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Wedding Hair Combs For The Big Day

wedding-comb-thumbnailAll brides-to-be want to look and feel their absolute best from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes during one of the most memorable times of their lives, their wedding day.

In addition to the most important part of putting together the bride’s entire ensemble, which is selecting the dress she will wear while walking down the aisle, she must then choose a hairstyle that will also help to make her feel as special as the day itself. Continue reading

Choosing Your Bridal Hair Combs

bridal-comb-thumbnailWhen it comes to choosing the bridal hair combs you will wear on your upcoming wedding day, first consider the actual size of the comb itself.

The largest of jeweled combs will look gorgeous for formal nuptials either worn with the hair swept to one side or worn around the back of the head. Continue reading

The Modern Wedding Tiara

wedding-band-tiaraIn recent years the wedding tiara has seen a great resurgence in popularity as brides everywhere choose to wear them instead of other types of head pieces or perhaps along with a veil on their big day.

Some brides wear both so they can remove the veil after the ceremony while leaving the tiara in place to be admired throughout the reception. Continue reading